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Security News

Mozilla’s First Internet Health Report Tackles Security, Privacy

21-01-17 Mozilla released its first Internet Health Report, examining the dangers of over-sharing eroding privacy, and the security of connected devices.

Coalition of Cryptographers, Researchers Urge Guardian to Retract WhatsApp Story

20-01-17 A coalition of researchers and cryptographers are urging the Guardian to retract a story it published last week which suggested the encrypted messaging app WhatsApp contained a backdoor.

Hadoop, CouchDB Next Targets in Wave of Database Attacks

20-01-17 Insecure Hadoop and CouchDB installations are the latest attack targets of cybercriminals who are hijacking and deleting stolen data.

Hack the Army Bounty Pays Out $100,000; 118 Flaws Fixed

20-01-17 The U.S. Army released the results of its Hack the Army bug bounty, and said that close to $100,000 was paid out, and 118 unique and actionable vulnerabilities were reported.

Threatpost News Wrap, January 20, 2017

20-01-17 Mike Mimoso, Tom Spring, and Chris Brook discuss security-wise what they hope will and won't change under a Trump presidency, then discuss the news of the week, including SHA-1 deprecation, Carbanak's return, and the WhatsApp "backdoor" debacle.

The Changing Face of Carbanak

19-01-17 Carbanak has moved away from its exclusive focus on financial services, branching out to attacks against hospitality and retail.

ProtonMail Gets Own Tor-Accessible .Onion Hidden Service

19-01-17 Encrypted email service ProtonMail announced early Thursday that it had added its own Tor hidden service.

Locky Limps Back into Action After Lull

19-01-17 Researchers say the Necurs spam botnet is limping back into action with two new campaigns that could be the telltale signs of a future full-scale attack.

Facebook, Researcher at Odds Over Messenger Issue

19-01-17 Facebook dismisses a researcher who says multimedia content sent via Facebook Messenger can be intercepted by a third party under certain conditions.

Android Scoring System Roots Out Malicious, Harmful Apps

19-01-17 Google this week explained how it weighs potentially harmful Android apps using the Verify Apps malware scanner and a scoring system it calls Dead or Insecure.

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