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Security News

Lucy Gang Debuts with Unusual Android MaaS Package

20-09-18 The threat actor's Android-focused cyber-arms package, dubbed Black Rose Lucy, is limited in reach for now, but clearly has global ambitions.

Cisco Issues New Warning for 6-Month-Old Critical Bug in IOS XE

20-09-18 Vulnerability allowed an unauthenticated remote attacker to log in to a device at the time the system initially boots up.

Magecart Strikes Again, Siphoning Payment Info from Newegg

20-09-18 The incident, hard on the heels of the British Airways breach, shows that Magecart is quickly evolving and shows no signs of slowing down.

Thousands of Breached Websites Turn Up On MagBo Black Market

20-09-18 The research team said it has shared its findings with law enforcement and victims are being notified.

Mirai Masterminds Helping FBI Snuff Out Cybercrime

19-09-18 The three hackers behind the infamous Mirai botnet have been helping law enforcement take down cybercriminals across the globe.

Critical Out-of-Band Patch Issued for Adobe Acrobat Reader

19-09-18 Overall seven flaws were patched - including one critical vulnerability that could lead to arbitrary code execution.

A Hybrid Solution to Taming SOC Alert Overload

19-09-18 Technology can free analysts from the burden of manual and tedious tasks so they can operate at the highest level of their abilities.

XBash Malware Packs Double Punch: Destroys Data and Mines for Crypto Coins

19-09-18 A newly discovered malware has different capabilities for Windows and Linux systems, including ransomware and cryptomining.

ThreatList: Malware Samples Targeting IoT More Than Double in 2018

18-09-18 A honeypot set up to sniff out data on infected IoT devices found a broad array of compromised devices – from Mikrotik routers to dishwashers.

State Government Online Payment Service Exposes 14M Customers

18-09-18 Outdated security practices made it simple to access other people's receipts for everything from traffic tickets to paying bail.

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