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Security News

Distributed Guessing Attack Reels in Payment Card Data

05-12-16 A research paper describes vulnerabilities enabling distributed guessing attacks which allow an attacker to collect payment card data across a number of sites without triggering alerts.

New Large-Scale DDoS Attacks Follow Schedule

05-12-16 Researchers are tracking a new wave of DDoS attacks that rival Mirai when it comes to intensity and scope.

EFF Blasts DEA in Ongoing Secret ‘Super Search Engine’ Lawsuit

05-12-16 EFF is dismayed by the cavalier attitude by law enforcement over warrantless searches of trillions of phone records and its refusal to turn over documents.

Google Fixes 12 High-Severity Flaws In Chrome Browser

02-12-16 Chrome 55.0.2883.75 for Windows, Mac, and Linux was released Thursday and patched 36 vulnerabilities, including 12 high-severity flaws eligible for bounties.

Rule 41 Opponents Vow to Fight Government’s New Hacking Powers

01-12-16 Opponents of the controversial Rule 41 say they are committed to fighting the government’s expanded powers.

Mozilla Patches Firefox Zero Day Used to Unmask Tor Browser Users

01-12-16 Mozilla released a new version of Firefox on Wednesday to address a zero day vulnerability that was actively being exploited to de-anonymize Tor Browser users.

Gooligan Malware Breaches 1 Million Google Accounts

01-12-16 The Gooligan Android malware steals Google authentication tokens from mobile devices to breach user and corporate accounts.

Microsoft Silently Fixes Kernel Bug That Led to Chrome Sandbox Bypass

30-11-16 Microsoft appears to have silently fixed a two-year-old bug in in Windows Kernel Object Manager that could have allowed for the bypass of privileges in Google's Chrome browser.

Tor Patched Against Zero Day Under Attack

30-11-16 The Tor Project has provided a browser update that patches a zero-day vulnerability being exploited in the wild to de-anonymize Tor users.

New Cerber Variant Leverages Tor2Web Proxies, Google Redirects

30-11-16 Researchers have discovered that criminals behind the latest Cerber ransomware variant are leveraging Google redirects and Tor2Web proxies in a new and novel way to evade detection.

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In many countries, for example China or Poland, a big part of the internet is restricted. Either by government, ISP or simply by school/work sysadmins.
With The Grows Network™ you can still surf to any website you like, examples are 4chan, Youtube, Twitter, MySpace, vKontakte or Wykop.