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Security News

Podcast: Insider Attacks May Soon Cost Less Than Malware-based Equivalent

18-10-19 At what point will infiltrating companies via the "insider threat model" become less costly and difficult than using malware? Threatpost discusses with a SolarWind expert.

Zappos Offers Users 10% Discount in 2012 Breach Settlement

18-10-19 Lawyers will get $1.6 million in a settlement that stems from a breach that affected more than 24 million customers.

Phorpiex Botnet Shifts Gears From Ransomware to Sextortion

17-10-19 A decade-old botnet is using infected computers to send out sextortion emails, in a wide-scale campaign with the potential to reach millions of victims.

Hacking Back? BriansClub Dark Web Attack a Boon for Banks

17-10-19 The theft of 26 million card records from an underground site offers valuable intel for banks.

Trump Campaign Website Left Open to Email Server Hijack

17-10-19 A misconfigured website development tool exposed hundreds of email servers to takeover, including President Donald Trump’s official campaign website.

Cisco Aironet Access Points Plagued By Critical, High-Severity Flaws

17-10-19 Cisco has issued patches for critical and high-severity vulnerabilities in its Aironet access point devices.

Dangerous Kubernetes Bugs Allow Authentication Bypass, DoS

17-10-19 The flaws in the container technology, CVE-2019-16276 and CVE-2019-11253, are simple to exploit.

10 Steps for Ransomware Protection

16-10-19 Here are things you can do right now to shore up your defenses and help your recovery when you get hit.

Silent Librarian Retools Phishing Emails to Hook Student Credentials

16-10-19 Silent Librarian cyberattackers are switching up tactics in a phishing scheme bent on stealing student credentials.

.WAVs Hide Malware in Their Depths in Innovative Campaign

16-10-19 Three different loaders and two payloads are hiding in audio files.

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