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Security News

National Surveillance Camera Rollout Roils Privacy Activists

04-03-21 TALON, a network of smart, connected security cameras developed by the Atlanta-based startup and installed by law enforcement around the country, raises surveillance-related privacy concerns.

CISA Orders Federal Agencies to Patch Exchange Servers

04-03-21 Espionage attacks exploiting the just-patched remote code-execution security bugs in Microsoft Exchange servers are quickly spreading.

COVID-19 Vaccine Spear-Phishing Attacks Jump 26 Percent

04-03-21 Cybercriminals are using the COVID-19 vaccine to steal Microsoft credentials, infect systems with malware and bilk victims out of hundreds of dollars.

Unpatched Bug in WiFi Mouse App Opens PCs to Attack

03-03-21 Wireless mouse-utility lacks proper authentication and opens Windows systems to attack.

Google Patches Actively-Exploited Flaw in Chrome Browser

03-03-21 A flaw (CVE-2021-21166) in the Audio component of Google Chrome is fixed in a new update being pushed out to Windows, Mac and Linux users.

Malaysia Air Downplays Frequent-Flyer Program Data Breach

03-03-21 A third-party IT provider exposed valuable airline data that experts say could be a goldmine for cybercriminals. 

Home-Office Photos: A Ripe Cyberattack Vector

03-03-21 Threat actors can use personal information gleaned from images to craft targeted scams, putting personal and corporate data at risk.

RTM Cybergang Adds New Quoter Ransomware to Crime Spree

03-03-21 The Russian-speaking RTM threat group is targeting organizations in an ongoing campaign that leverages a well-known banking trojan, brand new ransomware strain and extortion tactics.

Malicious Code Bombs Target Amazon, Lyft, Slack, Zillow

03-03-21 Attackers have weaponized code dependency confusion to target internal apps at tech giants.

Microsoft Exchange Zero-Day Attackers Spy on U.S. Targets

03-03-21 Full dumps of email boxes, lateral movement and backdoors characterize sophisticated attacks by a Chinese APT - while more incidents spread like wildfire.

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