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Security News

Colonial Pipeline Shells Out $5M in Extortion Payout, Report

13-05-21 According to news reports, Colonial Pipeline paid the cybergang known as DarkSide the ransom it demanded in return for a decryption key.

Ransomware Going for $4K on the Cyber-Underground

13-05-21 An analysis of three popular forums used by ransomware operators reveals a complex ecosystem with many partnerships.

Beyond MFA: Rethinking the Authentication Key

13-05-21 Tony Lauro, director of security technology and strategy at Akamai, discusses hardware security dongles and using phones to act as surrogates for them.

Fresh Loader Targets Aviation Victims with Spy RATs

13-05-21 The campaign is harvesting screenshots, keystrokes, credentials, webcam feeds, browser and clipboard data and more, with RevengeRAT or AsyncRAT payloads.

Apple’s ‘Find My’ Network Exploited via Bluetooth

13-05-21 The ‘Send My’ exploit can use Apple's locator service to collect and send information from nearby devices for later upload to iCloud servers.

Five Critical Password Security Rules Your Employees Are Ignoring

13-05-21 According to Keeper Security’s Workplace Password Malpractice Report, many remote workers aren’t following best practices for password security.

Pipeline Update: Biden Executive Order, DarkSide Detailed and Gas Bags

13-05-21 FBI/CISA warn about the RaaS network behind the Colonial hack, Colonial restarts operations, and researchers detail groups that rent the ransomware.

Researchers Flag e-Voting Security Flaws

12-05-21 Paper ballots and source-code transparency are recommended to improve election security.

Telegram Fraudsters Ramp Up Forged COVID-19 Vaccine Card Sales

12-05-21 A new type of fraud is spiking across the platform: Selling fake vax records to people who want to lie their way into places where proof of vaccine is required.

Gig Workers Being Paid $500 for Payroll Passwords

12-05-21 Argyle is paying workers to help hack payroll providers, researchers suspect.

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