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Security News

DeathStalker APT Spices Things Up with PowerPepper Malware

03-12-20 A raft of obfuscation techniques turn the heat up for the hacking-for-hire operation.

Reverse Engineering Tools: Evaluating the True Cost

03-12-20 Breaking down the true cost of software tools in the context of reverse engineering and debugging may not be as clear-cut as it appears.

Cyberattacks Target COVID-19 Vaccine ‘Cold-Chain’ Orgs

03-12-20 Cybercriminals try to steal the credentials of top companies associated with the COVID-19 vaccine supply chain in an espionage effort.

As Modern Mobile Enables Remote Work, It Also Demands Security

03-12-20 Lookout's Hank Schless discusses accelerated threats to mobile endpoints in the age of COVID-19-sparked remote working.

Clop Gang Makes Off with 2M Credit Cards from E-Land

03-12-20 The ransomware group pilfered payment-card data and credentials for over a year, before ending with an attack last month that shut down many of the South Korean retailer’s stores.

Code42 Incydr Series: Honing in on High-Risk Users with Code42 Incydr

03-12-20 Incydr lets you monitor your high-risk users without impeding their ongoing work.

Google Play Apps Remain Vulnerable to High-Severity Flaw

03-12-20 Patches for a flaw (CVE-2020-8913) in the Google Play Core Library have not been implemented by several popular Google Play apps, including Cisco Teams and Edge.

Spotify Wrapped 2020 Rollout Marred by Pop Star Hacks

02-12-20 Spotify pages for Dua Lipa, Lana Del Rey, Future and others were defaced by an attacker pledging his love for Taylor Swift and Trump.

Think-Tanks Under Attack by Foreign APTs, CISA Warns

02-12-20 The feds have seen ongoing cyberattacks on think-tanks (bent on espionage, malware delivery and more), using phishing and VPN exploits as primary attack vectors.

Xerox DocuShare Bugs Allow Data Leaks

02-12-20 CISA warns the leading enterprise document management platform is open to attack and urges companies to apply fixes.

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