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Security News

Android Sypware Still Collects PII Despite Outcry

27-07-17 Spyware called Adups found on millions of low-end phones is still collecting personal identifiable information of users despite public outcry.

Vulnerable Radiation Monitoring Devices Won’t Be Patched

27-07-17 Three radiation monitoring device vendors will not patch a handful of vulnerabilities that could be abused by hackers, including a backdoor that affords high privileges on one device.

Facebook Security Boss: Empathy, Inclusion Must Come to Security

26-07-17 At Black Hat, Facebook CSO Alex Stamos' keynote message was one of bringing empathy and inclusion to security, and that it's time to stop being insular.

Windows SMB Zero Day to Be Disclosed During DEF CON

26-07-17 Microsoft has said it will not patch a two-decade-old Windows SMB vulnerability, called SMBloris because it behaves comparably to the Slowloris attacks. The flaw will be disclosed and demonstrated during DEF CON.

Academia’s Role in Security Skills Gap Examined

25-07-17 At Black Hat, two RIT professors are expected to deliver a talk about the professional skills gap in security and how academic programs are falling short.

Novel Attack Tricks Servers to Cache, Expose Personal Data

25-07-17 Researchers have a devised a way to trick a web server into caching pages and exposing personal data to attackers.

Black Hat USA 2017 Preview

25-07-17 Mike Mimoso and Tom Spring preview Black Hat, which starts tomorrow in Las Vegas.

Hacker Admits to Mirai Attack Against Deutsche Telekom

24-07-17 A hacker that goes by the name “BestBuy” admitted to a German court that he was behind an attack last year that knocked over a million Deutsche Telekom customers offline.

macOS Fruitfly Backdoor Analysis Renders New Spying Capabilities

24-07-17 This week at Black Hat, Mac malware expert Patrick Wardle will describe how he used a custom-built command and control server to analyze new spying capabilities in a variant of the FruitFly backdoor.

Trickbot Malware Now Targets US Banks

21-07-17 Researchers with IBM and Flashpoint warn the Trickbot Trojan is growing more potent and now targeting U.S. banks.

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